Blue but Light

Let me tell you something about the name of this blog.

It was two days when something finally clicked in me, call it a snap, a wake up call, a revelation. It was a realization as well as an admission. I confess, I am a melodramatic creature.

Beginning my end of denials, from something really out of blue my gut told me, “You have to write, Gladys.” More than an imperative, writing is something I have missed for quite a while now.¬† And now I have reached a point in my life now where remembering, being and dreaming have to be chronicled.

Now to the name of the blog. The color blue usually has a calming effect, it represents things that our constant in our lives just like the sea and the sky. However, what I have here is from the idiomatic expression “feeling blue”. That is to feel sad, unwell or unhappy. But feeling blue doesn’t need to be heavy all the time, thus, but light. This blog is about the woes and joys of our hearts. I believe that love is love and pain is pain. In whatever way you experience it still it has one name.

That moment two days ago I promised my self that yes I will write again, pour out this soul again, and live again.


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