Old Sibs


I remember reading this from somewhere, “Older siblings…the only people who will pick on you for their own entertainment but will beat up anyone else who tries.”

This picture was taken the weekend before my birthday. Crossing off one more item in my bucket list. For so long I’ve been asking my old siblings if we could at least have a picture of the four of us. Complete. Happy. And just happy. Here goes.

The one wearing black is my Kuia Kot. I call him Kot but his name is Eric. He’s the sweetest and most generous. I love him to pieces. He worries about me a lot whenever I don’t answer his e-mails or pick his calls or if I sleep too much. We seldom see other because he’s working as a chief engineer is some cargo ship so he’s always away. But whatever lacking in distance and time, communication compensates. He’s already a father of two and has a very beautiful wife, Ate Kim.

Now the one on my right is my sister Nene, our eldest. She’s Mildred in real life, but she’s always a Nene to me. More than a sister and a friend she’s more a like a mother to me. We don’t do hugs or kisses or I-love-you’s but I love her to distraction and back. She’s always there whether you need her or not. And know what’s cool we get each other’s moods and quirks. We used to play this rich dad’s girl “sa kangkungan ni papa” drama. If there’s one influential person in my life that would be her. From books to teaching, from music to clothes, and faith and love. She’s a mother of five, a grandma to one beautiful girl and has a loving husband, Papa Noli.

Lastly, the one on the far right is my Kuia Aboy. He’s Sancho but we never call him that.  I hate him as much as I love him. We’ve never been closed but we’re stills brothers. Maybe it has to do with the sixteen year gap that we have and he’s just different, I’m different, and we seldom talk with each other when I was growing up. But we’re okay now. So much drama between us but we’re good. He’s now working in the local water station. A father of four and has a very patient wife, Ate Edna.

I have a little recollection of things we do as siblings when I was younger but I can remember all the fights and being torn between them. But now that we’re older and have  learned life and it’s lessons I think I wouldn’t wish for any siblings in the world other than them. I love them so much with my whole heart, a heart of a youngest sibling.



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