Dear Blank Thank You Blank


Dear Bha,

Our friendship wasn’t love at first sight. I didn’t know
how how we became friends but for some reasons we are even if
it started not in the best circumstances. But here we are: story-filled
and foodful days.
Thank you for making my 2012 unforgettable.
And for the gift of friendship I will always be grateful.Thank you, love.
I’m wishing you and your family a Happy Happy Christmas! 🙂


Dear Biboy,

Everytime I think of how our friendship story started I feel funny. This may not be
kind of friendship that you wanted but it sure is mine with all the dramas
and brouhahas.
Let me thank you for your patience and listening to my silly stories, for tolerating
and chasing me when I ran out, for worrying A LOT about me, for being sweet sometimes
which I find weird and lastly, for just letting me get to know YOU.

For the gift of friendship I will always be grateful. THank you, Biboy!
Happy Christmas!:)



Dear Jorge,

You make me face harsh truths about myself. For your black and white perspective, for the company, for the stories,
for the pillow-punch and chicken-roll moments thank you.

You still owe me The Man Who Can’t Be Moved! Happy Christmas!:)


Dear Timmie,

You are the unexpected one.

Let me thank you for taking care of me when I’m sick, for the food you always bring,
for constantly reminding me to “make ingat”, for listening to my hang ups and rants,
for helping me with paper works, for not asking why, for the hugs, for being sweet and a lot more.
Thank you for just being there.

Happy Christmas!:)


Dear Manay,

Whenever you say that ours was one-sided love it’s not true because you know deep down that I love you
and I will never leave you. The past year wasn’t easy for us but here we are always the grateful hearts.
I cannot thank you enough for the things we’ve shared and things we’ve done. For sharing your pains, joys and
silences with me. Salamat na maray, Manay! Happy Christmas!:)

Dear Angie,

Appeal mo men! You’ve been more than a student to me. You are a friend, a little sister, sometimes a lover too.
Thank you sharing me your stories and you listening to mine as well. Knowing you is a blessing.

Dear Ms. Me-Ann,

You are and will always be an inspiration. I don’t have the right words to describe exactly how you’ve changed
my life, but in a big way Ma’am you did, you do. I wouldn’t make it through the pain if not for your kindness and words.
You are one of the few people who leaves me awe-struck and I always say to my self that someday when I grow old that
I may be like you, one who grows old gracefully. Thank you so much, Ma’am!

I’m wishing you and your family a Happy Happy Christmas!:)

Forever grateful,

Dear Mo,

And still I don’t know why you call me Ms. Atomic Bomb, is it because you know I’m gonna miss you or the other way around? LOL.

You are one of this year’s surprises. Whenever I talk to you, say when I’m sad, I get more sad, or when I’m happy, I feel ten
times happier. It’s because you make me know things, feel things.

Thank you for the stories though most of it are heartbreaking, for listening to me patiently whenever I rant about how tired
I am with law school, and for sharing how you wait for The One.

I pray that in the right time and the right place the right person will come for you.

Happy Happy Christmas!:)


Dear Mat,

For the surprises, for waking me up in an ungodly hour, for cleaning my room, for tolerating me on my cranky days, for pressuring
me to take a bath, for the calls salamat men!:)

Dear Chicken,

It wasn’t the best ending I guess but still let me thank you for being constant, for still missing me even if you hate me, and
for just being there. I hope and I pray that you will have your heart’s desire.

Dear Russ,

Salamat sa pagpapalaya.

Dear Lopez,

Ah this yo-yo feeling! Now I know why you left that song in my wall. For telling me “that we were friends first”, thank you so much!:)

Dear Wong,

I am still hopeful. Thank you for coming into my life.

Dear Philo Dept,

More than being colleauges and students, I have life-long friends with you people. For sharing knowledge and passions, for
stories of pains and triumphs thank you. I know I’ve grown and will grow more because I have a nurturing department.
I didn’t realize this sooner but yes, this is me giving back to the things you’ve done for me. Still, I don’t know what you see in me
but whatever it is thank you for the trust and vote of confidence.

Dear Dorm,

I’ve been living here for five years now and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. For cramming in exams and school troubles,
for celebrating birthdays, awards, break ups and new loves,and homescikness too, for horror stories and crappy stories, for lunch and dinner and the
comfort food, for being my second home thank you!:)

Bobot, Leigh, Ivy, Jazze,
Timmy, Micko, & Pang
Dear You All,


Dear Family,

Me loves you oh so much!

and lastly

Dear Self,

You’ve made it! It hasn’t been an easy year for you, I know. But you also know that you are well-loved and really blessed.
These people touched your life. Some taught you lessons, some made you stronger than before, some challenged you, some left you
permanent scars and some made you happy no matter how fleeting the moment was. But all these only made you a BETTER YOU.

As the year’s about to end, think of all the people who came and whom you lost, those who chose to leave and those you chose to stay
even if your not the easiest person person to love. Thank all these people. And as you welcome another year, fully embrace
what once was and what’s about to come.

How you know when something is about to end and something new is beginning it’s called an event. And this is my event.

I am hardcore. Self-five!:)


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