Young Blood


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This is part of my letter for grad school.

Competence, conscience, compassionate commitment to change and Christ-centeredness. These are the four profiles expected of every graduate possessing Ateneo Education. I, myself, have been taught and trained in this institution and I am proud of what I have achieved so far. Three years ago, right after my graduation in college, I have been given the opportunity to teach in Ateneo de Naga. I told myself this is my way of giving back to the institution that changed my life. This is very reason why I am planning to pursue further studies. What makes Ateneo different from other institutions is that not only students are expected to excel in their particular fields but also the pedagogues. 

For the past three years, I have been teaching two subjects alone. Every semester I am teaching the same thing over and over again.  As much as it gives me the satisfaction to teach my students about love, freedom, responsibility, inter-human and the likes still I feel inadequate. I feel that something is lacking. That I know in my self I can always give more.

Competence. I want to better myself. I want to be better equipped in this field I have ventured on. Philosophy has always been seductive for me. It makes my mind go into places I have never dared going into. It makes me want to reach the horizon, only to know that the horizon stretches and stretches on. I want to teach my students new things, I want to contribute to research in my field and I want to be more critical of the status quo. I want to make Philosophy relevant in our age. I believe the only way to do this is to first immerse myself once more in the rigorous environment of the academe.

Conscience. I was honest with my superiors when I told them that I was feeling inadequate. If I had not been honest I would short-change my students, I would short-change my community because I am not giving the best of myself. I would be lying if I say I am not pursuing a graduate degree for professional advancement because I am. But this is only secondary. I want to wake up every day knowing that I am doing something I love. I want to be worthy of being called a pedagogue.

Compassionate commitment to change. Cliché as it may sound but Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It is a cliché because it works and it is true. How can I teach my students to have courage if I myself do not have the courage to go out of my comfort zones? How can I teach responsibility if I myself have been complacent about the things happening around me? Taking further studies and being in a new city is me taking courage and being responsible. Changing the world would be a lot, but changing the self is the easy part.

Lastly, Christ-centeredness. As Christ was once a teacher, I myself want to be true to this mission. Not everyone is called to be in the teaching ministry. It is a noble profession for a reason. If this my rightful place under the sun, if this the vocation the I am being called into, then gladly I would take its joys and pains as Christ did.

As an Atenean we were told to go where there is a greater calling. I am willing to follow where this may lead. I believe I have the focus, determination, drive, energy of the young and the heart to pursue whatever I want. And I don’t easily give up. But I also have some hesitations. Part of me is scared. It has been sometime since I last wrote papers for research subjects, I am afraid I need to be refreshed. Another is it will be a whole new city, a different world so I have to still myself. I only have to be firm with my resolve and be grounded to the reasons why. All these to be of better service to Others, for the greater glory of the Lord.


Sleepy Birthday

Your birthday and how our story started falling on the same day makes me more than happy. Remember that one random chat? Yes! And the “dear crush” posts after that? Haha!

To the man who makes me laugh hard and cry hard, who takes care of me when I’m sick, who wants me to take him out on dates but buys me dinner instead when I’m too lazy to go out, who watches Grey’s Anatomy and Suits and Game of Thrones just because I asked him to, who hugs  me even when he’s pissed at me, who listens when I rant, to the man who loves me “like the space between lightning and thunder” I probably don’t tell you this enough, but I am one lucky girl. I only have one wish that we’ll gonna celebrate more birthdays together. Happy birthday, mylabs! 🙂




P.S. Bien, pasubli muna kang picture. 🙂



In this wilderness we call Ateneo de Naga University where trees grow in seeds of apathy, alienation and mistrust you people definitely leave a mark — you set these trees ablaze.

When you invited me to be your moderator, I admit I was hesitant. I am young and I couldn’t find it within me to oversee a group teeming with past controversies. But surprise! We’ve been together for five months now and I am learning a lot from you more than you learning from me.

Looking back the past few months, you have your shared successes and failures, personal conflicts and of course, struggle with your academics. With all these, still here you are, present and pushing through with all your plans for the Supreme Student Government and the rest of the community.

I know all of you are feeling tired. Probably by now you are asking whether this all worth it. Perhaps you are doubting that all this will be in vain. But no. You feel tired, some might be bone weary now, doubting, on the verge of quitting and it’s ok. It’s ok. You feel these things because you are working and not just any work.  What makes this work special is you pour all your energy and insights, your heart and soul. It consumes you. And I think this is what passion is all about — what love is all about. To do something that it totally consumes you, turns you inside out, rip your heart out, and still at the end of day you say “I did it!”, “We did it”. A lover would say “ako yung nagmahal”. You are all lovers. You all have a big heart and I am overwhelmed by your generosity to serve your fellow students.

On times you feel like you are losing sight of what is really important I want you to go back to the very reason why you chose this path in the first place. I want you to remember that first “kilig” of being in the SSG. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be right back on track.

Trailblazers. You set a new path for the SSG. You’ve raised the bar for any other batch who will come after you. And I say trailblazers because you are on the path — on the not yet. What will be the destination of SSG is not for us to determine. What we know is that you’ve cleared the path. And this will be our legacy. Your legacy.

I am most proud of you all. And I will say this now you are best batch the SSG has ever had.

Carry on! Carry on!

A Year


Happy birthday to us!:)

I started blogging sometime in April last year after coming back from a much needed vacation. Honestly, writing was therapuetic for me because it serves a a leeway for a lot of pent up emotions. Looking back on my posts, I was the sad one, the president of people with crappy lives bordering on being mental, I was the broken hearted one, the lover, the dreamer, the hope-er. And thinking about it now I can only say, “You’re just fine, Gladys.”

The blog was actually made to share my woes and joys. True to its name, bluebutlight, I could only hope that I live a life with rich experiences, be surrounded by interesting people and all my days be filled with love.

See, what a year can really do? It takes 365 days for me to fully recover. It takes 365 days for me to set all things in perspective. It takes 365 days for me to see what really matters. And here I am now still the lover, the dreamer, the hope-er. I can only be grateful for the past year, for all the lessons it taught me, for the strengths and the inspirations, for all the people who were there and still with me until now, and for all the love wether lost or found. I am and will always be a grateful soul.

I am looking forward to another story-filled year. Cheers!